Arasaka™ is the future. The goal of our work is a future in which life has no boundaries and no limits.

Two ways to
achieve the goal:

Genetic engineering,
programming integrations.

Main Goal

To be young again. To rekindle old ideas and desires. Relive long-forgotten interests and a second life. To regain a youthful body, youthfulness, sanity of mind.
There's nothing more important than life, its length and the possibilities that a full young body gives you. We are working to make sure that more and more people pursue this goal. The goal of living forever, the goal of living life anew.
The goal of humanity and governments should be to work toward quality of life and immortality, not the earning of wealth, the eternal pursuit of power and contrived values.
We are in the business of promoting just such ideas, and we sincerely believe that this is one of the most important goals in life.

Genetic Engineering

Our first focus is genetic engineering and viruses. Work on the genome of living beings aimed at the genetic code responsible for aging, human capabilities, and regeneration. The ability to program the genetic code to change the body and all its properties in almost real time.
Imagine a world in which you can change the color of your eyes as easily as you can go to the store, just by changing a piece of the genetic code. A world where a lost limb is regenerated back to its original form. Where lost vision becomes perfect again or even better than ever, because there is no limit.
A person's genes are extremely important. Too much depends on them to let chance decide for you. For example, predispositions, skills, fears, limitations. diseases.
Viruses are not necessarily the enemy. They are just a tool that influences the body's behavior. A virus reprograms cells to make them change their behavior. For example, to make them work better, or to start attacking other "bad" cells.

Programmatic integrations

Our second area of focus is bioimplants and integration of the nervous system with processors and biochips. Artificial intelligence that connects with human intelligence to push the boundaries of human intelligence and computational ability.
The core of the concept is to work on artificial intelligence that will help integrate with humans and enter into symbiosis. To allow the virtual world to become one with the real world and to move between these worlds at will.
Imagine a world in which your consciousness is a supercomputer, capable of calculating billions of operations per second, but you remain human, with a full range of emotions and desires. You will be able to analyze and operate on all the information known to mankind. Imagine the pace at which the world will begin to change. A world in which travel will not be to the next city, but to the next galaxy or parallel world.